Job Descriptions

Account Clerk I (closed 10/21/13)
Account Clerk II (closed 10/21/13)
Account Clerk III (closed 10/21/13)
Accounting Specialist I
Accounting Specialist II
Administrative Assistant - City Manager's Office
Administrative Assistant - Human Resources
Administrative Specialist
Analytics Project Specialist
Assessing Administrator
Asset Management Coordinator
Assistant Deputy Director of Fire Services
Assistant Director of Public Works - Engineering
Assistant Director of Public Works - Maintenance
Biosolids Operations Coordinator
Building Inspections Supervisor
Building Inspector
Building Inspector II
Building Maintenance Coordinator
Building Maintenance Worker I
Building Maintenance Worker II
Building Maintenance Worker III
Building Rehabilitation Specialist
Captain (Police)
Chief Building Inspector
Chief Probation Officer
City Assessor
City Clerk
City Planner
City Treasurer
Civil Engineer
Code Enforcement Inspector
Community Development Coordinator
Community Services Coordinator
Contracts and Procurement Supervisor
Court Administrator
Court Recorder
Crew Leader
Crime Analyst
Deputy City Clerk
Deputy City Manager
Deputy City Treasurer
Deputy Court Administrator
Deputy Court Clerk
Deputy Director of Fire Services
Deputy Director of Public Works
Deputy Finance Director
Director of Community Services
Director of Human Resources
Director of Information Technology
Director of Police and Fire Services
Director of Public Works
Economic Development Coordinator
Electrical Inspector
Engineering Support Aide
Engineering Technician
Environmental Services Inspector
Environmental Services Specialist
Equipment Operator I
Evidence Technician I
Evidence Technician II
Evidence Technician III
Finance Director
Fire Battalion Chief
Fire Captain - Training Officer
Fire Equipment Operator
Fire Inspector
Fire Lieutenant
Fire Marshal
Fleet Maintenance Parts Specialist
Fleet Services Apprentice
Fleet Services Master Technician
Fleet Services Senior Technician
Fleet Services Supervisor
Fleet Services Utility Technician
Hazard Inspector
Housing Coordinator
Housing Director
Housing Inspector
Housing Maintenance Supervisor
Human Resources Specialist
Information Technology Specialist I
Information Technology Specialist II
Information Technology Specialist III
Information Technology Supervisor
Instrument Technician
Laboratory Aide
Laboratory Services Manager
Laboratory Technician I
Laboratory Technician II
Licensing Officer
Loan Grant Specialist
Maintenance Helper
Maintenance I
Maintenance II
Maintenance Worker II
Office Clerk II (closed 10/21/13)
Office Manager
Office Specialist I
Office Specialist II
Paid on Call Firefighter
Parks and Facilities Supervisor
Parks and Facilities Technician I
Parks and Facilities Technician II
Parks and Facilities Technician III
Plumbing and/or Mechanical Inspector
Police Cadet
Police Detective
Police Lieutenant
Police Officer
Police Sergeant
Principal Planner
Probation Officer
Property Compliance Analyst
Property Examiner II
Property Examiner III
Public Works Supervisor
Recreation Programmer I
Recreation Programmer II
Recreation Supervisor
Risk Control Supervisor
RSVP Coordinator
Secretary (closed 10/21/13)
Secretary II (closed 10/21/13)
Section 8 Housing Coordinator (closed 10/21/13)
Senior Accountant
Senior Civil Engineer
Senior Crew Leader
Senior Deputy Court Clerk
Senior Engineering Technician
Special Events and Marketing Programmer
Shop Foreman
Tax Collector (closed 10/21/13)
Technical Support Supervisor
Therapeutic Recreation Specialist
Traffic Maintenance I
Traffic Maintenance II
Traffic Maintenance Technician I
Traffic Maintenance Technician II
Traffic Maintenance Technician III
Utility Maintenance Manager
Utility Maintenance Supervisor (closed 08/03/16)
Utility Maintenance Worker I
Utility Maintenance Worker II
Utility Maintenance Worker III
Utility Operations Supervisor
Utility Plant Operator I
Utility Plant Operator II
Utility Plant Superintendent (Clean Water)
Utility Plant Superintendent (Drinking Water)