Board of Review


To examine and review the property tax assessment roll, to hear assessment appeals, and to correct errors on the assessment roll.


The Board of Review may raise, lower or sustain values on the assessment roll.  They may also add omitted property to the roll, exempt Poverty applicants and exempt Principal Residences, if not on the previous roll.


Members should familiarize themselves with appraisal/audit procedures and assessment administration procedures.  They should be knowledgeable of residential, commercial, industrial and personal property values.  They should also possess a willingness to continue their education in these areas.

Meeting Dates

March, July and December.

The March Board of Review (executive session) is held on the Tuesday immediately following the first Monday in March.  The board begins hearing appeals on the second Monday in March.  All reviews must be completed by the first Monday in April. 

The July Board of Review meeting is only to correct clerical errors and mutual mistakes of fact, and is held on the Tuesday following the third Monday in July. 

The December Board of Review meeting, held for the same purpose, is held on the Tuesday following the second Monday in December.

Meeting Time

At the convenience of the members.

Meeting Place

City Hall, 1155 - 28th Street SW, Wyoming, MI  49509


The Board of Review consists of two sets of “electors”, one set of regular members and one set of alternative members.  Each set of members consists of one licensed real estate practitioner, one public accountant and one must own property with in the City for at least one year.


City Council.


Three year terms, beginning February 1.


$100 per ½ day, up to $200 per day.

Staff Liaison Department

Assessor   616-530-7231