Probation Department

Probation Department

Probation is a sentence granted by the judge that allows an offender to live in the community under the supervision of a probation officer. The department is made up of two probation officers, a community service agent and a secretary. The officers supervise over 1,500 cases each year, which includes both reporting and non-reporting cases. These officers are knowledgeable in areas of substance abuse, mental health, education, employment and area agencies used in referring probationers for services. While their main job is supervision, they perform many duties. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Appear in Court for Violations of Probation
  • Collection of Fees Owed to Victims and the Court
  • Conduct Pre-sentence Investigations and Make Sentencing Recommendations to the Judge
  • Determine and Make Appropriate Referrals for Probationers
  • Determine Restitution
  • Monitor and Verify Compliance with Probation Conditions

Please contact the Probation Department at (616) 530-7398 for additional information.

Community Service

The community service agent in the office is a Kent County employee. This person handles all of the referrals from court for community service and/or work crew that the judge orders as part of a sentence. This person also heads the work crew program that is used by surrounding district courts and Kent County Circuit Court. These referrals are made to numerous non-profit agencies that are provided with appropriate offenders to complete needed work at no cost to them. The offender must complete these hours in lieu of jail time. Use of this program allows the offender to pay back the community and saves on jail fees that are accessed to the offender and the City.

Please contact the Community Service Agent at (616) 257-9809 for additional information.