Traffic & Criminal Division

The Traffic/Criminal Division handles Civil Infractions and Misdemeanors.

Civil Infractions:

Most traffic offenses, like speeding or disobeying traffic signals, are Civil Infractions. There is no potential for jail and the offense can be resolved without appearing before a judge by simply paying the associated fine.

Parking Citations:

Parking offenses are a form of Civil Infraction. Since the City of Wyoming has few parking meters, most parking citations are issued for parking in restricted areas like fire lanes, handicap spaces or on the wrong side of the street during odd/even parking enforcement in winter.

Municipal Civil Infractions:

These are non-traffic offenses that violate various aspects of the City Code. Like traffic cases, simply paying the associated fine can resolve most municipal civil infractions. However, there is also the assumption that the violation will be corrected or more citations will be issued. Second or third violations carry much higher fines. The most common non-traffic offenses that violate City Code are housing code violations.

Traffic Misdemeanors:

While most traffic offenses are Civil Infractions, those involving drugs or licensing issues are misdemeanors. The most common are Drunk Driving, Driving While License Suspended, Failure to Register Vehicle, Expired License, etc. Unlike Civil Infractions, these offenses do carry a potential jail term and some may require an appearance before a judge.

Criminal Misdemeanors:

A Misdemeanor is an offense with a penalty that does not exceed $1,000 in fines, and/or one year in jail. The most common Misdemeanors are Drunk Driving, Shoplifting (Retail Fraud), Possession of Drugs, Assault, Destruction of Property, Non-Sufficient Funds Checks, etc. These offenses require an appearance before a judge and carry a possible jail term.