Public Works staff will pick up dead animals in the street - call us 24/7. We do not handle live animals.

For assistance with domestic animals (cats, dogs), visit the Kent County Animal Shelter website. For assistance with non-domestic animals (raccoons, skunks, opossums) on your property, you should contact a private critter/pest control company.

Potholes - Repairs

How can you report a pothole?   Click here to email us the information.

Is your street going to be re-paved?   Click here for a list of upcoming construction projects. Local streets are evaluated and resurfaced based on priority and annual funding, so the timing of future projects may change.


We sweep all public streets a minimum of two times each year. We begin on the major streets in the spring as soon as weather permits. Once the major streets are done, we go into the local (side) streets. Each street is recorded as it is completed until the entire City is done, then we begin again.

When will your street be swept?   Since we respond to a variety of emergencies, our schedule can change quickly so we do not know when the crew will be in any given area.  Do not put your leaves in the street!  The street sweeping process is intended to clean debris that naturally collects in the curb line. It is not intended to pick up large amounts of leaves or other items.  If you place your leaves into the street on purpose, the sweeper will go around your pile and you will be asked to clean it up yourself. See our Recycling page for leaf disposal options.


The sidewalk snowplowing millage also allows those funds to be used for residential sidewalk repairs.  Let us know if you see a section that is raised and may be a tripping hazard.  Depending on funding available and the severity of the problem, we will either grind some joints to make it more level or remove and replace it with a new section of walk.


For information on how to move, replace, or install a new driveway, please visit the Engineering Department page.

Weight Restrictions - Frost Rules

The City of Wyoming does not impose additional seasonal weight restrictions. Some streets in Wyoming are County roads which may be under seasonal restrictions. Click here to be directed to the Kent County website for that information.

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