Whether you’re driving down a local street or turning on a faucet at home, you are connecting with the City. In everything we do, we work hard and are tremendously proud to be a big city that provides small town services. Wyoming may not always share that pride often enough – but that is changing. With the start of a New Year, we are committed to doing just that with the #WeCare campaign.

To us, #WeCare means the Wyoming Community Cares. We love living in one of the best cities in Michigan. Our 2017 goal is to share the inspiring stories about staff and residents who embody the #WeCare philosophy wherever possible to spread our community’s spirit throughout the region.

You can get involved by including #WeCare in social media on Facebook, Twitter and now Instagram at CityofWyomingMI or share your photos and stories with us on Facebook. Or go the extra mile and recommend someone within your neighborhood who demonstrates the spirit of #WeCare by filling out and submitting this Recommendation Submission Form.

If you have recently worked with the City and have feedback we want to hear from you. Please submit your comments using our online survey.