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Police Officer Hiring Procedures

Qualifications & Screening Process

To qualify for employment with the Wyoming Police Department, candidates must be certified by the State of Michigan as a police officer or certifiable within the time frame listed in the job posting. In addition, candidates must also be able to satisfy the following minimum qualifications:

  • United States citizen
  • Possess a valid operator’s license
  • High school graduate or GED certificate; minimum of associate's degree required
  • At least 18 years of age
  • Possess 20/20 corrected vision
  • No prior felony convictions or misdemeanor domestic assault convictions
  • Perform the essential functions of a Police Officer with or without reasonable accommodations

Resume Review / Oral Interview

Candidates who qualify and pass the resume review portion will be asked to participate in an oral interview made up of WYDPS personnel.

Department Board of Review / Chief's Interview

Prior to the background process starting, a Department Board of Review will determine if a conditional job offer will be extended. The candidate will participate in a Chief's interview.  

Background Investigation

Upon completion of the Personal History Questionnaire, an officer from the Wyoming Police Department will conduct a background investigation.  The assigned investigator will report the results of the background investigation to executive command staff.  The executive command staff will determine if the candidate will continue in the hiring process. 

Psychological, Pre-Placement Physical Examination & Drug Screen

To be completed upon a conditional job offer.

Police Officer Salary

Approximate Annual Salary Effective after July 1, 2024:

Minimum Annual Salary

Maximum Annual Salary



Police Recruit Academy Sponsorship Program 


To participate in the Police Officer Academy Sponsorship Program, candidates must:

  • Apply for the Police Recruit Position
  • Complete an interview with the Director of Public Safety or designee
  • Complete MCOLES reading and writing / pre-enrollment physical fitness test
  • Be able to pass a comprehensive background investigation
  • Pass a drug screen and psychological evaluation
  • Participate in any MCOLES-accredited academy approved by the Director of Public Safety
  • Be actively employed as a Police Recruit for the City of Wyoming
  • Be certifiable by MCOLES upon completion of the academy
  • Comply with all policies, rules, and regulations of the City of Wyoming, Department of Public Safety, academic institution, and the academy


  • City will pay for the academy program costs (including books but excluding room and board)
  • Recruit is paid $25.00 per hour while attending the academy (if academy week lasts longer than 40 hours recruit will be paid overtime at $37.50 per hour)


  • Provided that the candidate successfully completes the academy, becomes MCOLES certifiable, and completes all required conditions of employment with the City of Wyoming, the candidate will be employed as a full-time police officer.
  • Upon employment as a certified police officer wages will be $32.41 per hour

Internship Opportunities 


Internship Contact Information:
Sgt Allen
  1. Provide a letter from your school's internship director stating that this internship is a required part of your degree program, and the total hours required by the school for successful completion.
  2. Complete a Waiver of Liability Form, and Intern Information Sheet.
  3. Dress Code: Business Casual to Business Dress.
  4. Must schedule all contact time with the Departments Internship coordinator.  The intern must be able to work on all three shifts.  If you are unable to attend a scheduled shift you must contact the Department prior to the time you were scheduled to appear.
  5. Must submit for review any papers written based on the internship experience to the Departments Internship coordinator.
  6. Must supply the Department with one report on the internship experience.  This report shall be no less than five types written pages double spaced and can be a copy of one that is submitted to the School.
  7. Must not enter any private residence during the course of the internship.