Outdoor Burning

Outdoor recreational burning shall be allowed with the following provisions:

  • Fires must be maintained in an approved container (see below examples);
  • A non-combustible barrier at least 18 inches in width shall surround the fireplace (this barrier is also required under a portable unit);
  • Outdoor fireplaces shall not be placed closer than 20 feet to any combustible material and not closer than 20 feet to adjoining lot lines;
  • Only clean wood or other solid fuel is to be burned and shall NOT be used for the burning of garbage or yard waste;
  • The fire shall be constantly attended with a garden hose connected to a water supply or other fire extinguishing equipment readily available for use; and
  • Fire rings are prohibited.

Please visit Section 30-35 of the City of Wyoming Code for a comprehensive listing of the Open Burning Ordinance.

                                                               Examples of approved containers: