Industrial Pretreatment Program

Industrial Pre-treatment Program (IPP)

The Environmental Services workgroup administers an Industrial Pre-treatment Program designed to ensure that the community, the wastewater plant, and the environment are protected. This program is required by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

Staff regularly monitor and collect wastewater samples from industrial users within our community. This monitoring ensures that industries are following appropriate laws and are keeping toxic pollutants out of our wastewater treatment system. Additionally, this monitoring ensures that the industries that are discharging wastewater that costs more to treat are paying for the added cost of treatment.

By law, the City of Wyoming is required to inspect or survey all industrial users of the sanitary sewer system at least once every five (5) years or when a new industrial facility is built. In an effort to reduce costs and streamline this process, our survey is now electronic and can be found here: IPP Non-Domestic User Survey. All building plans are reviewed and approved prior to construction.

More detailed information regarding the wastewater discharge limits, rates, and penalties can be found in our Guide to the Sewer Use Ordinance document or Chapter 86 of the Code of Ordinances.