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About The 62A District Court

The 62A District Court is a court of limited jurisdiction. As such, it has the authority to rule on cases involving traffic and criminal matter such as: Criminal Misdemeanors, Municipal Civil Infractions, Parking Violations, Traffic Civil Infractions, and Traffic Misdemeanors.

The court holds Preliminary Exams on felony cases to determine if there is sufficient evidence to move the case to the Circuit Court, which is ultimately the court having jurisdiction over such matters. Misdemeanors are cases that do not carry a penalty of more than $1,000.00 in fines or one year in jail. Cases that exceed those limits are called Felonies. District Courts also handle civil matters that include: General Civil Cases up to $25,000.00, Landlord/Tenant Cases, and Small Claims up to $6,500.00.

62A District Court Judges

Roles & Duties

All courts have a Chief Judge that is responsible for the overall operation of the court. In multiple judge courts there is usually a Chief Judge Pro Tem assigned to assist the Chief Judge and act in his/her absence. The 62A District Court has both a Chief Judge and a Chief Judge Pro Tem. It also has a part-time Magistrate who handles all municipal and Traffic Civil Infraction Informal Hearings. The day to day management and overall planning of the court is the responsibility of the Court Administrator.

Honorable Pablo Cortes

Honorable Pablo Cortes

Appointed District Judge (November 2005)
Current Term Expires (December 2026)

The Honorable Pablo Cortes is an Undergraduate of the University of Michigan and a Graduate of Wayne State Law School. His professional associations include: State Bar of Michigan, Grand Rapids Bar Association, American Judges Association, American Inns of Court, Adjunct Professor at Thomas M. Cooley Law School, Michigan District Judges Association and Michigan Partners in Crisis as a Legislative Committee member.

Honorable Steven Timmers

Honorable Steven Timmers

Elected District Judge (November 2001)
Current Term Expires (December 2024)

The Honorable Steven Timmers is an Undergraduate of Western Michigan University and a Graduate of Thomas M. Cooley Law School. His professional associations include: Grand Rapids Bar Association, Michigan State Bar Association and Michigan District Judges Association.


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62A District Court
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Civil: 616-530-7386
Criminal: 616-257-9814
Probation: 616-530-7398

Probation: 616-530-3160

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