Investigative Division

The investigative division offers specialized services and responsibilities.  The office is located on the second floor of the Wyoming Department of Public Safety. You can reach our investigative division by visiting in person from 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday through Thursday or by phone at 616-530-7335.
  • Investigative arm of the police department
  • Follow up on all case types
  • Regulation Enforcement (i.e. Licensed Liquor establishments)
  • Sex Offender Enforcement and tracking
  • Forensic Science responsibilities (crime scene, fingerprint analysis, drug analysis, and property management)
  • Liaison with district court
  • U-Visa certifications
  • Prisoner transfers
  • Task Force participation management
    • Wyoming Police - Metropolitan Fraud and Identity Theft (full time investigator assigned)
    • MSP -  Internet Crimes against Children (full time investigator assigned)
    • MSP -  Metropolitan (Narcotics) Enforcement Team (full time investigator assigned)
    • KCSD -  Kent Area Narcotics Enforcement Team (full time investigator assigned)
    • GRPD -  Combined Auto Theft Team (full time investigator assigned)
    • FBI  - West MI based Child Exploitation Task Force (investigator assigned part time)
    • US -  Marshal Fugitive Task Force (investigator assigned part time)

Contact Information:

Lt.  James Maguffee
 Secretary Sandy Loomis
Sgt. Dan Mahoney  
Sgt. John McCaw 
Sgt. Julie Waters
Greg Duffy
Dennis Ferguson
Devon Holmberg
Rob Meredith
  616- 257-9747
Paul Pena 
Scott Rittenger
Bob Robinson
Phil Swiercz 
D.J. Verhage