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We're In This Together

When we collaborate with one another – and with our schools and businesses and organizations – everyone wins. But we need your help to promote our mission. Can we count on you to invest in extending our reach to help even more individuals and groups?

We guarantee that 100 percent of your tax-deductible gift goes directly to programs and services. And that it stays right here in the greater Wyoming community, where it can do the most good for the most people. 

Scholarships Create Joy

Raising four of your children, along with your niece and nephew, can be a lot to tackle. For Amanda and Joe, receiving scholarships to programs like flag football, dance, gymnastics and tae kwon do has been instrumental in ensuring their kids have opportunities to participate in sports and build teamwork skills. As Amanda said:

“Our kids are always so excited to be a part of these teams. When there are so many returning players, you get to know everyone and it almost becomes a family within your own community. The joy and excitement on their faces every time they play and make new friends is the most rewarding thing.”

Team Rubicon Creates Impact

When a tornado skipped across Wyoming, cutting a swath nearly three-quarters of a mile with its 80 mph winds, Team Rubicon immediately deployed the 30-volunteer Operation Buster Mountain. For the second time in as many years, a tornado toppled trees, closed streets and knocked out power to thousands of residents – fortunately no one was hurt despite all the havoc.

To aid residents, 22 work orders were completed and 672 volunteer hours logged. The community saved a total of $18,506 as the result of Team Rubicon’s hard work. Michigan District 6 Coordinator Brian Bartman explained, “As a veteran, when we leave the service, we always find that we’re lacking purpose. Team Rubicon gives us that purpose to serve citizens in a different capacity.”

For their generous efforts, we awarded Team Rubicon a grant.