Inspecting Water Service Lines

Why is this necessary?

By January 1, 2025, the State of Michigan is requiring all public water supply owners determine the material composition of, among other things, all water service lines.  The City has accurate records of the material composition of water mains and valves; however, it does not have complete information about the material water services lines are made of.  In order to comply with this State requirement, the City needs to view every water service line where it enters the building and record what it is made of.  This State requirement can be reviewed here.

What else has the State of Michigan required regarding water service lines?

Recent revisions to state regulations required the creation of a statewide drinking water advisory council and individual community drinking water advisory councils.  These councils are designated to provide education about lead in drinking water to the public.

Who maintains the water service line in Wyoming?

Since Wyoming became a City, it has maintained water service lines to a greater level than most communities in the state.

For most residential customers, the City maintains the water service line from the water main to the water meter as noted in the diagram below:

For commercial (including apartment) and industrial customers, the City maintains the water service line from the water main to the stopbox, as noted in the diagram below:

What is the material most water service lines in Wyoming are made of?

Most of the water service lines in Wyoming are made of copper, blue plastic, or black plastic.  The City allowed plastic water service lines to be installed from the mid-1960’s until 1987.  In that year, City policy mandated that all new service lines must be copper. A link to Wyoming’s water service line policy can be found here.

Are there lead water service lines in Wyoming?

The City is not aware of any lead service lines. The City is actively identifying water service line material that is not recorded as part of overall water infrastructure improvements. 

Where can I find information about lead exposure in my home?

The State of Michigan has set up a specific website to help educate about lead.  It can be found here.