Retirement System Board


To administer, manage and operate the city retirement system; to construe and
implement the provisions of the retirement system, including the making of rules and regulations.


The Retirement System Board designates an actuary who acts as technical advisor 
regarding the operation of the retirement system on an actuarial basis.  The Board is authorized to employ such professional and other services as are required for the proper administration of the retirement system.  The Board has the full power and authority to invest and reinvest such monies and assets subject to all terms, conditions, limitations and restrictions imposed by the State of Michigan on the investments of public employee retirement system.  The Board reviews all applications for retirement from the City to determine if all required conditions are met by the applicant, and subsequently approves such applications if valid.  The Board adopts is own rules of procedure.


To provide effective administration and management of the retirement system and to act in a fiduciary capacity regarding the safekeeping of the assets of the system.

Meeting Dates

Third Monday of each month

Meeting Time

3:00 p.m.

Meeting Place

City Hall, 1155 - 28th Street SW, Wyoming, MI  49509


Six, including a member of the City Council; the City Manager; a resident who is not an officer or employee of the City and who is not a retiree or beneficiary of the retirement system; three members of the retirement system (generally, full-time employees of the City) as follows: one representative of the Administrative Association/Contract Employees, one representative of Public Safety (Police and Fire), and one representative of the General Union.


City Council appoints the resident and City Council representative.


The resident and elected members serve three year terms, beginning July 1.  The City Council representative serves at the pleasure of the City Council.  The City Manager serves during the term of employment.



Staff Liaison Department

Finance Director/Controller   616-530-7201