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We Support Youth Program Scholarships

The Alliance supports the Parks and Recreation Youth Program Scholarship because we believe that investing in our community's children makes our city's future brighter. Recreation programs can build essential team building skills, self-confidence and the healthy life style habits.  This program helps qualifying family's provide their children with an experience that lasts a life time.  


Scholarship Information

Eligible Programs
All Wyoming Parks and Recreation programs that are open to youth, 17 years old and younger, are eligible.

Limitations amount used per childe and per program registration. Scholarship funds do not cover late fees or miscellaneous program fees like
Scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis as long as funds are available. Limits may be placed on the dollar material and facility use fees.

Scholarship Application

Download the Parks and Recreation Youth Program Scholarship Application. Review applicant eligibility requirements to make sure you qualify.