Fire & Rescue

The Wyoming Department of Public Safety - Fire Bureau is made up of a combination of Full time, Part time, Paid-on-call and Dual Trained employees. Personnel respond out of four fire stations located throughout the city. If you are interested in more information on any of our stations or would like to schedule a station tour call 616-249-3477.

Station #1 

              1500 Burton St. SW
              Wyoming, MI 49519
Fire Station #1 is home to Engine 72, Platform 82 and Utility 88. It is staffed with Paid on Call and Dual Trained Employees that respond, when needed, to various incidents around the city.
Station #1 is also host to the "Birth to Boosters Program" Sponsored by Helen Devos Children's Hospital. The program provides car seat inspections and education by certified professionals. To learn more about the "Birth to Boosters Program" visit our car seat inspection page, visit Helen Devos Children's Hospital Injury Prevention Program page, call 616-391-7233 or email

Station #2

                                                                      4507 S. Division Ave
                                                                      Wyoming, MI 49548


Fire Station #2 is home to Engine 74 and Utility 84 and is staffed with Paid-on-Call firefighters from the surrounding community.   


Station #3, Training Facility & Community Room

             2300 Gezon Parkway SW                                                                      Training Tower
                 Wyoming, MI 49519

Fire Station #3 is currently staffed 24 hours per day by 2 full time personnel and by Paid-on-call employees when needed. It  houses Engine 76, Squad 75, Utility 83 and our Water Rescue equipment.

Located inside Fire Station #3 is the Fire Bureau's Community Room. Utilized by local associations and community groups this room provides the needed space for meetings, presentations and elections. This room is open for use by Wyoming residents and agencies based on availability. The community room is equipped with tables, chairs and media equipment that may be used as needed. For more information or to check availability call 616-249-3477.  

Located behind Fire Station #3 is the Department of Public Safety- Fire Bureau's training tower and facilities. Complete with a large classroom, residential type structure and three story training tower, the training facilities and adjoining property give the opportunity to provide high quality training to our Department's personnel without leaving the City. Due to its unique features, our training facilities are also commonly utilized by neighboring communities and outside agencies. If your agency is interested in reserving time at our training facilities you may contact the Fire Bureau at 616-249-3477.    


Station #4 & Administration Offices

                 1250 36th Street SW                                                                                  Administration Offices
                 Wyoming, MI 49509                                                                                        616-249-3477
Station #4 is staffed 24 hours per day by 5 full time firefighters and is supplemented during peak hours with part-time personnel. Paid-on-call employees also respond when needed. Station #4 is home to Engine 77, Engine 79, Ladder 81, Special Incident Response 85, Squad 73, Medic 87 and Utility 84. 
The Fire Bureau administration offices are located in the front section of Station #4. The offices include those of our Fire Bureau Administration, Fire Inspector/Investigator and part-time Secretary. The administration offices are open to the public from 7:00 AM- 5:00 PM Monday through Thursday, though individual office hours may vary.