Plan A Special Event

Special Event Application

The City of Wyoming recently enacted a Special Events Ordinance to better address special events (public and private) which are held, or may be sought to be held, within the City. The ordinance (Chapter 15, Article 1 of the City’s Municipal Code) creates a process for the special event entity or individual to obtain pre-approval by the City to operate the event.

Special events held in the City impact law enforcement, traffic, and other City services and resources, as well as our residents and businesses. The ordinance will work to protect community infrastructure and neighborhood quality of life, in tandem with ensuring the economic vitality of the City.

City special events do not include:

  • An event which is conducted or sponsored by a governmental unit or agency on public owned land (this includes special events which would be held within the confines of a City park).
  • An event held entirely within the confines of a privately owned, permanently enclosed and covered structure (pursuant to compliance with existing codes and ordinances addressing the use of said structure).

Please see the Special Events FAQ for more information.

This form must be completed and submitted to the City of Wyoming Parks & Recreation Department no later than 120 days prior to an event with an expected attendance greater than 300 participants OR no later 
than 60 days prior to an event with an expected attendance of less than 300 participants.

Enter as much information as possible - an incomplete application can delay the approval process.