Plan A Special Event

Special Event and Block Party Application

City Council enacted a new Special Events Ordinance to better address special events (public and private) which are held, or may be sought to be held, within the City. The ordinance (Chapter 15 of the City’s Municipal Code) creates a process for the special event entity or individual to obtain pre-approval by the City to operate the event. Special events held in the City impact law enforcement, traffic, and other City services and resources, as well as our residents and businesses. The ordinance will work to protect community infrastructure, neighborhood quality of life, and event participants in tandem with ensuring the economic vitality of the City.

Deadline to Apply

This form must be completed and submitted no later than:

  • 30 days prior to a Block Party event
  • 120 days prior to all other events  

Do you need to apply?

Use the guide below to determine if your event is a special event. It is a special event if one of the first two options is true and at least one of the items in the second list is true. 

An event is a special event if it either:

  • Any activities associated with the event are outside a fully enclosed, covered structure, or
  • The event is entirely within such a structure but parking for those attending the event cannot be accommodated within available off-street parking lots together with normal on-street parking within one block of that structure

And, it involves one or more of the following:

  • More than 300 participants on any day of the event.
  • The event includes a bounce house or other inflatables.
  • Interruption of normal traffic flows on or access to any public right-of-way. This includes events such as sponsored athletic/fitness events that require barricades, closing of traffic lanes, or slow vehicles moving by or around participants, and events that may cause the back-up of traffic on nearby roadways or streets due to vehicles entering or exiting the venue(s) or parking area(s).
  • A parade or march within the traveled portion of any street or road.
  • Displaced parking in an institutional, educational, or business parking lot.
  • Sound can be heard beyond the venue(s) for more than two hours on any day or between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. 
  • Preventing or limiting access to property other than the event venue(s).
  • Added police or security personnel, emergency medical personnel, hydration facilities, portable toilets, or similar services.
  • Rides or amusements normally associated with carnivals. This includes large bounce houses or similar temporary items.
  • Fireworks displays.
  • Food vendors using generators or requiring electrical and/or water connections, other than food trucks operating as already approved by the city.
  • Activities that do not comply with use or other regulations within the venue's zoning district such as, for example, off-premises temporary food vendors or retail sale of non-customary store products.

If your event falls under these guidelines, you don't need to apply for a permit:

  • An event which is conducted or sponsored by a governmental unit or agency on public owned land (this includes special events which would be held within the confines of a City park).
  • An event held entirely within the confines of a privately owned, permanently enclosed and covered structure (pursuant to compliance with existing codes and ordinances addressing the use of said structure).

Application Process

Once you submit your application, it will be reviewed by the special events team. You may be contacted for more information or revisions. If the special event application is tentatively approved, the entity/individual will receive an agreement and permit pursuant to the special event. The agreement will note all additional permits required (tents, electrical, signage, road closures, etc.) and necessary fees related to the additional permits or City service provision. The agreement must be signed, all additional permits completed and/or all fees must be paid, before the event will be considered officially approved. If the special event application is denied, the entity/individual may request an appeal for reconsideration to the City Manager or designee within 10 days of the entity/individual’s receiving notification of the denial.


Special Event Fees

The application fee is $60 for major special events and $30 for minor special events (Fees do not apply to Residential Neighborhood Block Parties). Depending on the event, there may be additional fees for necessary services related to the event.