Transparency Reporting

Transparency in government is an effort to make information and data more easily available and more readily understandable to you - our residents, business owners, and visitors.  Some of the most important policies, plans, and financial reports used by the City Council, City Manager, and other leaders to make decisions are linked below.  Along with public meetings which comply with the Open Meetings Act and access to more information through the Freedom of Information Act, our transparency reporting makes it easier for you to engage with your local government and for us to hear from you on issues you consider important.

Browse the links below or contact the City for more information.

Administrative Plans, Policies, and Procedures

Capital Asset Policy/Procedures
City Council Policy Manual
Civil Rights Policy
EEO Utilization Report
Employment Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines
Identity Theft Prevention Program
Parks Rules and Regulations
Police Applicant Flow Chart
Purchasing Policy and Procedures
Records Retention and Disposal Schedule
Resolution to Comply with Public Act 152
Social Media Policy
Water Services

Budget Public Hearings


Form 2068-Act 51, 2020
Form 2068-Act 51, 2021
Form 2068-Act 51, 2022
Form 2068-Act 51, 2023

Employment Agreements/Contracts

Financial Reports

Health Insurance

Transparency in Coverage Machine Readable Files

Retirement System

Defined Benefit Plan
Defined Contribution Plan
Post Employment Health Plan
Retiree Medical Trust
Deferred Compensation Summary Plan Description
Retiree Health Care Plan - Actuarial Valuation Report
Employees Retirement System - Actuarial Valuation Report  
Retirement System Annual Report-2017, Form 5572
Retirement System Annual Report-2018, Form 5572
Retirement System Annual Report-2019, Form 5572
Retirement System Annual Report-2020, Form 5572
Retirement System Annual Report-2021, Form 5572
Retirement System Annual Report-2022, Form 5572
Retirement System Annual Report-2023, Form 5572

Freedom of Information

Michigan's Freedom of Information Act (PA 442 of 1976) sets requirements for the disclosure of public records by all public bodies in the state, including the City of Wyoming. The Act states that all records except those specifically cited as exceptions are covered by the FOIA law.  The City Clerk is the FOIA Coordinator for the City of Wyoming.