Zoning Board of Appeals


To hear and decide appeals after Public Hearings for variances from minimum Zoning Code requirements or to hear and decide appeals to a City official’s interpretation of a Zoning Code requirement.  The Board of Zoning Appeals must interpret the provisions of the Zoning Code in a manner as to carry out the interests and purposes of the Code.  The Board also may be asked to settle questions of the location of boundary lines between different zone districts.


The Board of Zoning Appeals may grant, deny or modify requested variance(s).  Action taken must be supported by findings of fact based on conditions, including practical difficulties, unnecessary hardships, exceptional circumstances, affected value of adjacent properties and public street congestion.  Most variances require four concurring votes to approve, but a Use Variance requires five concurring votes.


Commit to orderly city development; pursue an understanding of Zoning Code Chapter 90 regulations; field inspect new business items prior to the public hearing dates; and become familiar with the requested variances.

Meeting Dates

First and third Monday of each month

Meeting Time

1:30 p.m., usually 1.5 to 3 hours

Meeting Place

City Hall, 1155 - 28th Street SW, Wyoming, MI  49509


Seven members and two alternates.


City Council


Three year terms, beginning July 1.


$35 per meeting, maximum of $910 annually

Staff Liaison Department

Community and Economic Development   616-530-7285