Rules & Regulations


The following activities are prohibited in City of Wyoming parks:

  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Smoking in Buildings
  • Ground Fires
  • Fireworks
  • Golf Activities
  • Dumping Household Refuse

Rules & Regulations for park reservations:

  1. All facility sales receipts must be presented to the park staff upon check-in.
  2. Reservation begins at time reserved. Any set-up or clean-up time needed MUST BE INCLUDED in your reserved time.
  3. Monday-Saturday, all parks, except Ideal, MUST be vacated by 10:45 p.m. Ideal Park MUST be vacated b 9:00 p.m. On Sunday, all parks, including Ideal MUST be vacated by 8:00 pm.
  4. NO changes may be made the week of your reservation. ONE change can be made to your reservation. Change MUST BE made at least 7 days prior to your reservation taking place.
  5. NO alcoholic beverages allowed in any park.
  6. NO smoking allowed within City of Wyoming building/facilities.
  7. NO ground fires.
  8. NO dogs allowed in Pinery Park between May 1-September 30.
  9. Damage deposits WILL NOT BE returned if there is extra clean-up, facility damage OR if you do not VACATE the facility at the end of your reserved time.
  10. Keep our parks & facilities clean. Please deposit all paper/rubbish in containers provided.
  11. Use of BOUNCE HOUSES, carnival-style inflatable games, dunk tanks, petting zoos, or similar type activities, are ONLY allowed via a pre-approved special event agreement. Should you desire to include these types of activities as a part of your reservation, you MUST contact the Parks & Recreation Department to obtain a SPECIAL EVENT application form.
  12. The person whose name is on the reservation and signs the Rules & Regulations will assume responsibility and liability for the reservation.

Important Information:

  • Pets must be on a maximum 8-foot leash. Owners are required to clean up after their pets.
  • No dogs allowed in Pinery Park May 1-September 30.

Keep our parks clean. Please deposit all papers and rubbish in the containers provided.