Geographic Information Systems

The City of Wyoming is an active member of REGIS, heralded by the media as one of the largest local government multi-participant Geographic Information System (GIS) projects ever.  The twenty-three cities, townships, and quasi-governmental organizations have joined together in West Michigan to create this powerful, regionally focused GIS to benefit not only the participants, but also the citizens they serve.

An acronym for "Regional Geographic Information System," REGIS provides a common database and a suite of applications and interfaces to satisfy the spatial data management needs of all participating members.  By participating in REGIS and working together as a team, member communities enjoy the operational benefits of a GIS, share valuable information, and reduce operating costs while providing better and more consistent service to constituents.

Citizens and visitors to our site are welcome to use the various GIS tools offered on the REGIS site.   On this site you can use some of the products created with GIS Technology.

City of Wyoming Geographic Information Systems