Water/Sewer Leaks

Water Leaks

Outside: Call Public Works 24/7 at 616-530-7260

  • Fire hydrant leaking
  • Water coming up in the street
  • Water coming up in your yard or sidewalk


  • Water meter leak during business hours: Utility Business Office, 616-530-7389
  • Water meter leak after hours: Public Works, 616-530-7260
  • Water leaking from a sink, toilet, or sprinkler line is your responsibility

For general information regarding water, visit our All About Water page.

Sewer Backups

Sewer water backing up into your home? Call us before a plumber! Public Works has staff on call 24/7 to respond to your emergency at no cost, 616-530-7260.

The City of Wyoming accepts responsibility for all sanitary sewer mains and the residential connections within the right of way. When you have a backup, we will respond to determine where the problem is occurring. If this is on the City side, the Public Works staff will coordinate the repair at no cost to you. If the problem is on your side, you will be directed to contact a plumber of your choosing at your own expense.

What can you flush?

You should ONLY flush human waste and toilet paper. Check out this educational video created by the City of Spokane: "Will it Flush?" You may also visit the Clean Water Plant page for additional information.

Property Damage

Lawn: If the Public Works Department dug up your yard, sidewalk, and/or street to repair a utility, we will return at a later date to restore your property as needed. If this happens during the winter, this work will be delayed until the spring. This work is scheduled automatically.

If a different utility company (gas, electric, cable, telephone) dug up your property while repairing their underground facilities, that company will come back to make the necessary repairs. If this has not been completed within a reasonable timeframe after the work has been completed, contact Engineering or the utility company directly.

Personal Items: If any of your personal household property was damaged as a result of a sewer backup or water break that the City repaired, you may be eligible to file a claim for reimbursement with the City. You should have been given paperwork by the City crew who initially responded to your house with that information.

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