Business Licenses

Business Licenses

If you are planning to open a business located in the City of Wyoming, you must first obtain a business license by completing and submitting a Business License application.  Certain businesses not located in Wyoming but conducting business here - such as snowplow and rubbish hauler - must also obtain a license.  To license a business conducted out of a home, contact the City Clerk’s Office, 616-530-7296.

Licenses are renewed annually in January for all businesses except:

  • Rubbish haulers  (July)
  • Snowplows  (October)

Additionally, the specialty businesses listed below require an addendum to be submitted along with the Business License application and specific fee(s). Select the specific business type to obtain the required addendum.

Specialty Business Types


If there is a change of ownership, business name, or location, you must obtain a new business license and will be subject to any associated fees and approvals. Contact the City Clerk’s Office to complete a new application. 616-530-7296.


Late renewals are subject to a 25% penalty after 30 days and a 50% penalty after 90 days. Businesses operating without a current business license may be cited with a municipal civil infraction with fines of $75 for a first offense, $250 for second offense, and $500 for a third offense.

Issuance of License

When the application has been reviewed and any required inspections (licensing may require a premise inspection by the Inspections department and/or the Fire/Police department’s review and proof of insurance) completed, you will receive a license for display in the business location. It may take up to two weeks to process license applications.


The business license application form, addendums (if applicable), and payment should be submitted to the City Clerk’s Office. The license expiration date and fee vary by business type but are generally valid for one year and are not prorated. Renewal notices are sent approximately 30 days before license expiration.

Sold or Discontinued Business

If your business is sold or discontinued, please complete the Closed Business Statement and return to the City Clerk’s Office.


Before selecting a business location, check with the Planning Department at 616-530-7259 to make sure it complies with zoning and building codes.