The Alliance

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What makes a community great? 

Is it gathering to celebrate our friends and family? The chance for a new generation to make its mark? Or coming together to beat all odds?

We think it’s all of the above – and more.

The Greater Wyoming Community Resource Alliance (The Alliance) brings together citizen, civic and business leaders to improve the very fabric of the Wyoming community. We provide an opportunity for everyone to positively contribute to the community experience by providing a charitable outlet for immediate and sustaining impact.

When you think about what draws you to a place, it’s not just one moment in time, but a collection of moments. These moments come together to create a vibrant place to live, work and play.

By working together, we can establish endowments and scholarships to assist the community in improving the quality of life for children and families. We can operate as a conduit in support of community wide projects - making a difference at the grassroots level! Be an active partner in supporting community collaborations in responding to community needs and ensuring sustainable change.

Your support matters.