Downtown Development Authority


To halt property value deterioration and increase property tax valuation within the District as established by Ordinance No. 26-98, to eliminate the causes of such deterioration, and to promote economic growth.


The Downtown Development Authority is the governing body of the Wyoming Downtown Development District, and as such shall have the power to authorize the levy and collection of taxes, the acquisition and disposal of interest in real and personal property, the creation and implement of development plans in the District, the promotion of economic growth, the issuance of bonds and other evidences of indebtedness, and the use of tax increment financing, and other such powers as provided under Public Act 197.

Meeting Dates

Second Tuesday of January, April, July and October

Meeting Time

7:30 a.m.

Meeting Place

City Hall, 1155 - 28th Street SW, Wyoming, MI  49509


Nine members consisting of the Mayor, at least one resident of the district, and at least five members representing owners of property in the district. Remaining members may be appointed from business representatives or residents at large. 


Mayor, confirmed by City Council.


Four year terms, beginning January 1.



Staff Liaison Department

City Manager's Office   616-530-7272