About the Alliance

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The Greater Wyoming Community Resource Alliance, commonly known as The Alliance, provides for a means to positively improve the fabric of the community  through the promotion of social, cultural, environmental, economic and health and wellness programs and services.

Many Threads Create a Tapestry

The Alliance is a federally recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to serving the greater Wyoming community.

The Alliance exists to provide a charitable outlet where community members and businesses can make a sustainable and immediate impact to the very fabric of the community.


Board Members

  • Kent Vanderwood, Chair
  • Jennifer Franson, Vice Chair
  • Rebecca Rynbrandt, Secretary
  • Amy Berridge, Treasurer
  • Gabriella de la Vega
  • Greg King
  • Jeff Koeze
  • Casey Van Hattum
  • Robert O'Callaghan
  • Curtis Holt
  • Kimberly Koster

What We Fund

The Alliance focuses on four areas of support: health and wellness, environmental, economic, and social. We do this by catalyzing community growth, creating scholarships for youth and families, supporting citizen-driven committees and organizations and leading partnerships and funding of public safety initiatives. The Alliance has funded many projects including:

  • Disaster relief
  • School nutritional programming
  • Neighborhood events
  • Parks and recreation scholarships
  • Bike helmets
  • Robotics team
  • Disability advocacy
  • School arts and music programs