Wyoming Senior Fellowship Club, Inc.

The Wyoming Senior Fellowship Club, Inc. of the Wyoming Senior Center believes that all seniors have a need for recreation and continued education. The Fellowship Club has dedicated funds for the purpose of granting club members to participate in classes sponsored by the Wyoming Parks and Recreation Department.

If you qualify under the guidelines below and are a current member of the Wyoming Fellowship Club, and would like to register for a class sponsored by the Wyoming Senior Center, simply fill out the application on the reverse side of this flyer and return it to the office at the WSC. All information is confidential. Our main objective is to provide all members the opportunity to participate. If you have any questions, call (616) 530-3190.

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Youth Program Scholarships

The city of Wyoming offers either a 50% or 75% scholarship for all programs open to youth, 17 years old and under. To apply, families must be residents of the City of Wyoming and qualify based on household income listed on application. The percentage of the scholarship is based on the income of the household.

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