Starting A New Business

Starting a Business in Wyoming

Starting a business can be a complicated task.  The information provided below is intended to provide general information on starting a business, focusing on the requirements of the City of Wyoming. Because licensing requirements for each type of business varies greatly, this information is not intended to be all inclusive.  You are encouraged to seek other sources for information on starting and maintaining your business operations.  If you have any questions or if you would like to obtain a copy of a business license application, please contact the City Clerk’s office at 616-530-7296.


  • All businesses operating in the City are required to have a license. 
  • Licenses are renewed annually and must be prominently displayed in the place of business. 
  • All businesses must have a general business license, while some may require an additional specialty license.
  • You may need to provide proof of insurance or other additional paperwork to operate certain businesses. 
  • The Building Inspections, Fire, and Police departments may need to review and authorize your business.
  • If you add to or change the physical structure of your business, add signs, or change the services your business provides, you may need to obtain permits or additional authorizations.

City Contacts

  • The City Clerk’s office handles all business licensing and coordinates with other departments to authorize your business.  Contact them at 616-530-7296.
  • The Assessor’s office will assist with personal property taxes and property assessments. Contact them at 616-530-7231. 
  • The Building Inspections Department is responsible for issuing permits and inspection of renovations and additions.  They are the contact for the Zoning Board of Appeals and can be reached at 616-530-7285. 
  • The Planning Department reviews site plans, verifies zoning and authorizes the type of business allowed in certain areas.  They are the contact for the Planning Commission and can be reached at 616-530-7258. 
  • The Treasurer’s office receives property tax payments and can verify delinquent taxes or liens on a property.  Contact them at 616-530-7278.

Other Contacts

Kent County 

  • County Clerk – 616-632-7640 (to register a business name)
  • Health Department – 616-632-7100

State of Michigan

  • Department of Treasury – 517-373-3200 (for a sales tax number)
  • Department of Labor & Economic Growth
    • MIOSHA – 517-322-1814
    • Corporate Division – 517-241-6470
    •  Liquor Control – 517-322-1345
    • General – 517-373-1820
  • Department of Human Services – 616-356-0100 (for adult or child care)

United States 

  • Department of Treasury/IRS – 800-829-4933 (federal employer ID number)

Community organizations​

  • City of Wyoming Economic Development Office – 616-530-7272 (for medium/large industry)
  • GROW (Grand Rapids Opportunities for Women) – 616-458-3404
  • GVSU / Small Business Development Center – 616-331-7370
  • Right Place Program – 616-771-0325 (for medium/large business)
  • SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives) – 616-771-0305
  • Wyoming/Kentwood Chamber of Commerce – 616-531-5990