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We invite you to visit our City Highlights often in order to keep abreast of City news and events. Check out the following resources and discover what is going on in and around the City of Wyoming.

Historical Publications

Wilderness to Wyoming

Wilderness to Wyoming 
2009 Golden Anniversary Book 

This publication begins with the wilderness, pre-1831, and continues 
through 2008 in a more 'story' form.

Bill Branz
Dorothy Simon-Tibbe
Kelly White 
$20.00 plus $4.00 shipping

The City of Wyoming: A History

The City of Wyoming: A History
1984 Silver Anniversary Book

This publication tells the foundation of the churches, schools, township 
and city from the earliest settlers. 

Dorothy Simon
Charles Vaughn 
$20.00 plus $4.00 shipping

The above books can be purchased as a set for $35.00 plus $6.00 shipping.

The Early Days of Wyoming Township

The Early Days of Wyoming Township
Fred van Hartesveldt

$3.00 plus $2.00 shipping

Wyoming Township 1918 to 1936

Wyoming Township 1918 to 1936
John Huizinga 

$2.00 plus $2.00 shipping

Ordering Publications 

Please be sure to specify which books you are ordering on your check. Checks should be payable to the Wyoming Historical Commission. Stop by or order by mail.

Send your check to:
Wyoming Historical Commission
1155 - 28th Street SW
Wyoming, MI 4950

Facts and Demographics

The City of Wyoming is the 2nd Largest City in Western Michigan

Incorporated: 1959 to a City from a Township
Population: 76,501 (2020 Census)
Area: 24.5 square miles
Location: 20 minutes to Gerald R. Ford International Airport; 30 miles to Lake Michigan; 150 miles to Detroit; 180 miles to Chicago; Served by 3 freeways – US-131, I-196 and M-6
Average Temperature: January (high of 30/low of 16 degrees) & July (high of 83/low of 60 degrees)
Average Rainfall: 24 inches / year
Average Snowfall: 72 inches / year
Recreation: 21 City parks on 655 acres
City Motto: City of Vision and Progress
City Flower: Daffodil
Name: Wyoming is named for Wyoming County, New York from which many early settlers came
Households: 28,527 (2020 Census)
Businesses: 1,850 Commercial Uses
School District: 6 Public; Parochial; Charter; 18 Colleges in the Region

Things To Do

You may be surprised to learn that Wyoming and the surrounding area has much to offer residents, visitors and businesses alike. Wyoming is home to seven school districts, west Michigan’s largest industrial tax base and more than 600 acres of beautiful parkland.  Access to the arts and cultural events in the City and surrounding communities also strengthens Wyoming’s diverse appeal.

Calendar of Events

Grand Rapids Convention and Visitors Bureau

Grand Rapids/Kent County Convention and Visitors Bureau


Wyoming-Kentwood Area Chamber of Commerce

Wyoming Parks and Recreation