The Traffic Department maintains signals, streetlighting, signs, pavement
markings, and construction work zones throughout Wyoming.

Traffic Signals

Contact the Traffic department to report malfunctions.

To report malfunctions after hours, call 9-1-1. 

Traffic Signal & Streetlighting Map 


How do you report a streetlight outage?  
Consumers Energy Company owns most of the streetlights in Wyoming. Use their web portal to report a street light. If you don't find the street light on the Consumer's Energy Portal, the City owns a few designated circuits of street lights. View the detailed streetlighting map.

How do you request a new streetlight be installed in your neighborhood? 
Requests for new streetlights or changes should be made to the Traffic department. We will work with Consumers Energy Company to determine the need of an additional light or decide if there is another way to resolve the problem.

Street Signs

To report missing or damaged signs or to request new signage, contact the Traffic department. The City maintains all signs that are located adjacent to the roadway.

Where can you put your garage sale sign?  Personal signs go behind the sidewalk. You should not place any signs in the public right of way (between the sidewalk and the street). This includes real estate, garage sale, political, or any other personal sign. Signs that violate this regulation are removed and taken to the Public Works Facility where they are held for ten days. If you would like to reclaim your sign within this time period, there is a retrieval fee of $5.00 per sign. See Section 70-6 of the Code of Ordinances for more information.

Traffic Counts

Traffic volume counts are obtained by City staff and published by the Grand Valley Metropolitan Council.  This data may be viewed on their website.

Truck Routes

Certain streets have been designated as truck routes and can be viewed on the truck route map.

Traffic Calming

We may be able to help solve traffic problems on your street:

  • Speeding
  • Traffic volume
  • Cut-through traffic
  • Accidents
  • Pedestrian safety
  • Parking

We work together with a traffic consultant to solve those problems by using a variety of tools:

  • Signs
  • Pavement markings
  • Selective police enforcement
  • Mobile radar unit
  • Traffic circles
  • Street narrowing
    Wyoming does not use speed bumps

Want more information on our traffic calming program? Email the contact the Traffic department to request an application packet.

Traffic Department
2660 Burlingame Ave SW
Wyoming, MI 49509
Phone: 616-530-7263
Email: Traffic