Information Technology

About the Information Technology Department

The mission of the Information Technology Department is to provide high quality technology-based information systems and communication services to City departments to support their business operations and service delivery to the community we serve.

The Department's goals are to:

  • Effectively manage the delivery of Citywide technology services.
  • Ensure a skilled, responsive, and innovative workforce that keeps current with evolving business-critical technologies.
  • Provide customers with high quality support and efficient technical resources that will advance the delivery of cost-effective and reliable public services.
  • Provide accurate information to enable confident decision making.

Recognition / Kent County Taxpayers Alliance Project

According to data compiled by the Kent County Taxpayers Alliance in 2013, the City of Wyoming and Grand Rapids have the most transparent government websites in Kent County. The alliance updated its Open Government Project with new data including a report card that grades cities, townships and villages on whether they post certain documents and information on their public websites.

The Kent County Open Government Project rated each local unit of government in (24) areas of transparency, ranking them on how open they are and how much information they make available to taxpayers online. Each unit of government was ranked with a letter grade. The highest-ranking government in the county was the City of Wyoming, with a raw score of (22) and a letter grade of A. An alliance spokesman stated that 'Wyoming had the best website and they're not the government with the highest tax rate'. You can check it out at

Organizational Structure

The Administrative Team is responsible for the overall management of the department; including leading technology initiatives across City government, technology planning, budget preparation, financial management and all technology-related purchasing activities.

The Operations & Infrastructure Team is responsible for supporting the City's evolving business processes in the installation, administration and maintenance of various systems encompassing enterprise applications, data storage, data archival, remote access, server and network security, local area networks, wide area networks and wireless networks.

The Applications Team is responsible for supporting the City's business processes using a myriad of software applications. We rely on a mixture of vendor supplied software and specialized in-house application development to meet the evolving needs of our customers.


Contact Information

Pat Firestone

Pat Firestone
Director of Information Technology

Information Technology Department
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Phone: 616-261-3524

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