Biosolids Management Program

Biosolids are the nutrient-rich residual byproducts of wastewater treatment. Wyoming’s biosolids are either applied to the land as fertilizer or sent to landfills to augment methane gas production. In 2004, Wyoming partnered with the City of Grand Rapids to form the Grand Valley Regional Biosolids Authority (GVRBA). This organization jointly manages the biosolids from both communities. More information can be found on GVRBA's Website.

Biosolids contain organic material and many essential micronutrients necessary for plant growth. Biosolids application can prevent soil erosion, improve timber growth, save space in landfills, and enhance farming, landscaping, and gardening. Biosolids that are land applied must meet strict quality criteria and regulations set by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These criteria are based on EPA’s rigorous review of decades of long-term scientific studies regarding the safety and value of biosolids recycling.

2010 Land Use Stewardship Award

The GVRBA was recognized for their contribution to sustainable re-use of biosolids, support of farmland preservation and for exemplary municipal collaboration at the 11th Annual Land Use Networking Luncheon of community land use activists, educators and local officials.

2000 Excellence in Biosolids Management Award

Awarded by the US EPA yearly to a single entity nationwide, the City of Wyoming received this award in 2000.

What is Wyoming doing about PFAS?

Wyoming began sampling throughout the wastewater collection system in May 2018.  Since then, Wyoming has identified 9 industrial users that had elevated PFAS levels.  These industrial users have put minimization plans in effect that have significantly reduced the number of PFAS entering the collection system.  In addition, Wyoming also samples their effluent water to the Grand River and their biosolids quarterly. 

The Clean Water Plant's biosolids data has averaged 12.0 ppb for PFOS and 0.2 ppb for PFOA since 2021.

Who can I contact if I would like more information?

If you have questions or concerns about Wyoming Biosolids and PFAS, please contact the Wyoming Operations Supervisor at (616) 261-3554 or

Additional PFAS and Biosolids information for the State of Michigan: