Wyoming [re]Imagined

Wyoming [re]Imagined is the Master Plan for the City of Wyoming. This plan was driven by members of our community. The document reflects the visions and goals shared by community residents, stakeholders, and business owners. 

In the spring of 2019, we began the process of updating the Master Plan. We needed an update because Wyoming has experienced a steady growth rate over the last decade. Our population increased by 3,000 people (4.2 percent) between 2010 and 2017. By 2045, Wyoming is expected to add 8,854 more households to our community. This plan provides a framework for this expected growth and reinvestment within the City over the next 15 to 20 years.

Wyoming [re]Imagined is the blueprint for our future. It's also an official municipal document that complies with the Michigan Planning Enabling Act, 2008 PA 33. It was adopted by the Planning Commission on February 16, 2021 and approved by City Council on March 1, 2021.

Wyoming [re]Imagined Master Plan

Wyoming [re]Imagined Master Plan includes goals, objectives, specific projects, policies, and programs to guide how the City will develop over the next 15 to 20 years. We've provided the full document and broken out each chapter to make it easier to navigate.  

Wyoming Community Provides Plan Foundation 

As the blueprint for the City, we knew it was critical to engage a broad spectrum of community members. We were committed to involving residents, businesses, and workers in the process. We needed these voices to craft a community vision for Wyoming’s future. That’s why we offered in-person and digital options to provide feedback, like the activities listed below. 

  • Online and In-Person Mapping Activities
  • Community Questionnaire (Spanish and English)
  • Focus Groups
  • Community Workshops
  • Eight In-Person Open Houses
  • Virtual Open House
  • Online Feedback Form
  • Formal 63 Day Public Comment Period

City Council Approval

The Wyoming [re]Imagined Master Plan was unanimously approved by City Council on March 1, 2021. Prior to that the plan was adopted by the Wyoming Planning Commission.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee was the anchor of the planning process. Members represented different segments of the community. They were responsible for reviewing planning processes and deliverables. They helped ensure the community engagement met the needs of the community. They also provided a preliminary review of the Master Plan document before the public comment period began. The Steering Committee includes the following stakeholders:

  • Roger Bearup – Grandville Superintendent – School District – Grandville
  • Sam Bolt – City Council – City Council Liason
  • Lillian Cummings-Pulliams – Parks and Rec Commission – Parks Advocate
  • Don De Groot – Exxcel Engineering – Local Design Professional
  • William Fetterhoff – Godwin Heights Superintendent – School District – Godwin Heights
  • Peter Hahn – Metro Health – Business Interest
  • Chris Hall – ICCF/resident – Affordable Housing Advocate
  • Craig Hoekstra – WPS Superintendent – School District – Wyoming
  • Dennis Kent – MDOT – Regional/State Partner
  • Patrick Lonergan – Fifth Third/Resident – Business Interest
  • Kevin Polston – Godfrey Lee Superitendent – School District – Godfrey Lee
  • Rob Postema – City Council – City Council Liason
  • Wende Randall – Kent County Essential Needs Task Force/resident – Transportation Advocate
  • Alex Smart – Planning Commission – Planning Commission Liason
  • Sherrie Spencer – – Business Interest
  • Dennis Sturtevant – Dwelling Place – Developer
  • KJ Tucker – Realtor and resident – Long-time Resident
  • Samuel Wright – Kellogsville Superintendent – School District – Kellogsville
  • Audrey Zapata – Lake Michigan Credit Union/resident – Business Interest