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Construction Activities and Infrastructure Investments 

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Week of June 20, 2022


City Projects

Wyoming 2022 Resurfacing Program (Michigan Paving and Materials)

The contractor has milled and paved the base course of asphalt on Floyd, Mallory and Cypress streets.  They are currently adjusting manhole castings to finish grade in preparation of paving the top course of asphalt. Paving is anticipated late this week or next. The next area to start is Michael, from Burton to Belfield next week.

36th Street Resurfacing (MDOT) - Burlingame Avenue to Clyde Park Avenue (Rieth Riley Construction) 

The project is working to finalize concrete repairs in the outside curb in both directions.  Traffic is reduced to one lane each direction, running in the median lane.  Work will begin to lower manhole castings and valve boxes in the outer lanes prior to switching traffic.

Aldon, Locksley, Rogers Lane Watermain Reconstruction (Wyoming Excavators)

The contractor is continuing to place the new watermain on Aldon working towards Clyde Park.  Concrete sidewalk has been removed on Locksley in preparation of starting the watermain in this section.  Aldon street will be last as the contractor waits to have a power pole relocated.    

Plaster Creek Boulevard, Buchanan Avenue to Division Avenue (Kamminga & Roodvoets)

The contractor anticipates starting the project in August.  A preconstruction meeting is to be scheduled soon.


Rivertown Valley Flats Phases 2 & 3 – The contractor plans to complete the watermain when pipe becomes available.

MDOT Projects 

28th Street Resurfacing (MDOT) - Wilson Avenue to US 131 (Rieth Riley Construction)

MDOT has completed repairing concrete curb and gutter and ADA ramps along 28th Street and is ready to mill and resurface the pavement. 

Chicago Drive Resurfacing (MDOT) - Wilson Avenue to Grandville/Wyoming Border (Rieth Riley)

MDOT has paved east bound half of Chicago Drive and traffic is currently on the new pavement – one lane each direction.  The westbound half is closed for construction purposes and the contractor has milled the surface course off.  Concrete repairs are complete and the contractor plans to pave this week. West bound traffic will be detoured during the paving operation.  Detour will be Chicago Drive to Byron Center to Prairie to Chicago Drive. Paving is anticipated to be complete in one to two days with Chicago Drive opening to traffic once pavement markings are set.

Chicago Drive Resurfacing (MDOT) - Burlingame Avenue to Clyde Park Avenue (Rieth Riley)

The contractor has completed ADA ramp repairs on Chicago Dr.  Currently, the project does not have lane closures and traffic is running normal.  Soon the contractor will need to lower manhole castings in preparation for the roto-mill to remove the asphalt surface.