Weekly Update

Infrastructure Investments and Construction Activities

Week of July 15, 2019


Clyde Park Watermain, 26th St to 36th St (Nagel Construction)

Watermain passed testing and contractor will tie into the existing system at two side street locations.  After new watermain is energized, Nagel plans to drop back to 36th Street and start transferring water services from the old main to the new main.  During this time, traffic will shift to the median lanes to provide space for contractor to connect the water services over to new main.  

54th Street Widening, Haughey to US-131

Bids were opened at MDOT on July 12.  Street construction will likely start in August. 

Interurban Trail Rehab (Epic Excavating)

Contractor paved trail and is working to pour new concrete ADA ramps and perform restoration.  After pouring ramps, contractor will complete pavement markings and tail signage.

Frog Hollow M-6 Trail Connector

Project is scheduled to be in the September MDOT letting with October construction but likely will be delayed due to funding.

2019 Wyoming Resurfacing (Reith Riley)

Bids were opened last week with Reith Riley being low bidder.  Award will be on August 5 and construction starting mid-August.



Reserve Plat Phase 4 (Kentwood Excavating)

Contractor has completed underground work and is prepping the curb and gutter patches to be poured soon.  After curb and gutter is poured, Contractor plans to pave base course asphalt in Nile Dr. patches.  After all curb is poured, contractor will grade aggregate for paving. Contractor plans to complete plat in mid-August.

Greens of Wyoming (B and R Excavating)

Contractor working on sanitary south of Mulligan.



Clyde Park 2-Hotels

Irrigation contractor preparing plan for median modification for new LT lane into site.  Awaiting work for new signals for new westerly leg of intersection at 58th St and Clyde Park. 

MHV PUD Update Plan (ODP)

Granger updating traffic impact study for site and surrounding intersections to accurately account for proposed development.  Reviewing parking requirments.

The Springs Apartments

Contractor stripping topsoil and grading site for construction.  Utility construction starting soon.

The Apartments at 28 West

Start construction later in summer.