Weekly Update

Construction Activities and Infrastructure Investments 

Each week, we'll update this page with the latest information on construction activity. You'll find updates for city projects, plats and site developments. Check back each week for updates or follow us on Facebook

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City Projects

Week of November 27, 2023 

Noel, Wykes and Longstreet – 2023 Watermain Replacement (Wyoming Excavating)

The project is complete for the season. In the spring, the contractor will return and fix any damaged topsoil and seed the area.

Site Developments

Week of November 27, 2023

Wyoming Junior High School

Utility work is on hold until spring.

60th Street and Clyde Park Ave. (Penske Development)

The main construction is complete. Topsoil restoration will be completed in the spring.

Union Suites (NE Corner of 36th St. and Michael Ave.)

The contractor will be working on site grading and starting utility work outside of the Michael Ave. right of way.





Week of November 27, 2023 

Courtney Lynn Court

Project start is on hold.

The Retreat (NE Corner of 52nd Street and Byron Center Ave.) 

The contractor continues mass grading prepping the site for utility construction.

Kingsfield Estates (North side of 56th Street between Wilson Ave. and Canal Ave.)

The contractor will continue utility work through the plat, outside of the city right of way.