Crime Trends/Fraud Alerts

Crime Trends/Fraud Alerts

Fraud Alerts:

Phishing -- Is a type of fraud where fraudsters call you on the phone pretending to be your bank.  They will tell you there is a problem with your account, and ask you to “verify” your identity with them by requesting the account number and PIN number to your bank account.  The fraudster will then tell you to call the 1-800 number on the back of your debit card so the bank can further assist you.  When you hang up, they will still have their line open, so when you call the bank, you will get them again, thinking they are your bank.  When this occurs, you will give the fraudster more of what they want, including your social security number, birthdate, etc. 

Medical Alert Scam -- This is a telemarketing scam that promises “free” medical alert system.  They offer the medical alert devices for free and tell the victim a family member and friend have already paid for it.  The call taker then will ask the person for their bank account number or credit information to “verify” their identity.  In return, the victims were charged $35.00 or more a month.  The “free system” never arrived to the victims, who were not able to get their money back.

Online Scam -- Be wary of articles with the new fad weight loss pills or supplements.  Many of those “companies” sell the weight loss supplements from their private company which looks legitimate.  You will give them your credit card information and pay $80.00 for them, never receive them, and now the scammer has your personal credit card information.

Text Message Scam -- Many people have been scammed via text messages.  The scammer will pretend to be the owner of the phone and send a text to a family member or friend to say they need help.  The excuse the scammer will use is they either ran out of gas and have no money, or have been arrested.  They then will get the family member or friend to send them a Western Union money order, or ask for their credit card or checking account number.  Most of the victims in this scam are the elderly.  There have been cases where they have sent thousands of dollars, and were never able to get their money back.