All About Snow


When will my street be plowed?

The goal of the snowplowing operation is to have all streets plowed within 24 hours after the end of a storm. All public street have been pre-designated as first, second, or third priority.

First Priority: Bare pavement streets that carry most of the traffic (over 10,000 cars per day).

Second Priority: Collector streets, streets in an neighborhood that carry the majority of that area's traffic, and selected bus routes. These streets are also lightly salted to enable most residents to be within one block of a well plowed street.

Third Priority: The remaining residential streets and culs-de-sac.

If it started snowing again, the plows may have been redirected back to first priority streets. If the storm is over and your street hasn't been plowed yet within the 24 hour timeframe, it means we are still working!

On-Street Parking

During the winter months, parking on both sides of the street can restrict the width of the street to a point where emergency vehicles are unable to have access. In order to provide better access, the City implements Odd/Even Parking restrictions from December 1 until March 31.  See the Odd/Even Parking ordinance for specific information.

Ordinance Summary:
Enforceable midnight to 7:00 pm, December 1 until March 31.
-Park on the side of the street with even numbered addresses on even numbered calendar days.
-Park on the side of the street with odd numbered addresses on odd numbered calendar days.
-In a cul-de-sac, you may only park on the street on even numbered calendar days.
-Streets already posted "No Parking": the no parking restrictions shall apply.

Plowing Your Driveway

The snow that is left in your driveway opening after the plow goes through is your responsibility. The City will not plow any private driveway. You are responsible for your own driveway beyond the street. We cannot lift our blades at your driveway either - this would not only be time consuming but would leave snow in the street which would defeat our purpose.

You may not shovel, snow blow, or plow any of your driveway snow into the street or onto another property. This includes your plowing company too. Keep your snow on your property and keep the piles low. Private snowplowing complaints can be made to the Public Works Department.

Plowing Your Sidewalk

Always keep your sidewalk clear of obstructions! A sidewalk plowing millage provides plowing assistance to residents. After accumulation of two or more inches, a contractor plows all public sidewalks overnight. This service will remove the top layer of fresh snow to help residents keep their sidewalks clear for pedestrians. Be aware - if the street plow comes after the sidewalk plow, some snow may be pushed back onto your sidewalk. Keep it clear, keep it safe!

Lawn Damage

Was your lawn damaged by a street plow, cul-de-sac plow, or sidewalk plow? Let us know. Either our staff or the contractor will come back in the spring to repair your lawn.

Mailbox Damage

If your mailbox and/or post was damaged by the snowplowing operation, check out your options below.

Do you have a standard, aluminum style mailbox?

Public Works can replace the box and/or post for you.


Do you have a different type of mailbox - like a plastic or decorative style? Call Public Works to discuss your options.

It is not typically the plow blade that hits a mailbox. Snow can be heavy. When it is thrown from the plow, the weight of the snow may damage your mailbox. If your mailbox is constantly getting damaged, consider moving it back away from the road a couple inches, or as your postal carrier will allow. You should also check your mailbox in the fall to make sure the box and post are both secure to prepare for the winter.

Other Winter Resources

The following links will take you to the Wood TV 8 website for information on current West Michigan traffic conditions, school closings, and weather:

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