Water Infrastructure Improvements

Water Improvements

The City of Wyoming is committed to providing and maintaining high-quality water infrastructure in alignment with its mission of community, safety and stewardship.  In an effort to upgrade water infrastructure, improve customer service and conform to a State of Michigan requirement, the City is embarking on a project that will impact every water and sewer user in the City.  The project includes three components briefly summarized below.  Each item can be selected for more detailed information.

  • Inspect water service lines. By January 1, 2025, the State of Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE) is requiring the City complete an inventory of its water service lines and document what the service line material is made of.  In order to accomplish this, the City must physically view every water service line.
  • Install Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).  The City is transitioning from a manual meter reading system to an automated meter reading approach.  This technology transition will require replacing each touchpad with one capable of transmitting water use information across a radio network.
  • Replace aging water meters As water meters age, they lose accuracy. If a water meter has reached the end of its useful life, it will be changed out during the visit when water service lines are inspected and AMI installed.

Getting Smarter and Working Together

With over 21,000 water services and 23,000 water meters in the City, water is an integral part of our lives.  We are excited to work together to become a smarter water community.  This collaborative effort will provide customers with information to better manage their water and allow the utility to update its infrastructure knowledge.  This information will improve customer service, reliability, and sustainability of our water infrastructure.

When can I expect a visit?

Commercial/industrial customers will either be contacted by the Utility Billing office to schedule an appointment or receive an in-person visit from a Public Services staff member.

As mentioned, residential customers are not directly included in the first phase of the project.  They are only included if the City is already in the residence performing other work (such as repairing a water service or responding to a sewer backup).

Anyone may contact the Utility Business office at (616) 530-7389 to schedule an appointment.

What can I expect from a visit?

A Public Services team member will visit your property with city-issued identification and need to inspect the water meter and associated water service line.  They will also install a new meter reading device over the old device on the outside of the home (see the AMI section).  This should take less than 15 minutes.  If a water meter also needs to be replaced, it could take up to 60 minutes.

How much will this cost?

There is no cost to a utility customer or homeowner.

Do I need to be present for this?

An adult, aged 18 years or older, will need to be present to allow access to the water meter.  Meters must be accessible per City Ordinance 86-31 and Section 8.4 of the City Council Policy Manual.

Will anything change?

Once installed, the AMI system will allow you to view detailed water use information.  Nothing else will change regarding your billing or service. 

You can currently sign up for paperless billing HERE

You can also sign up for auto payment from a checking or savings account HERE.

Or you can pay your bill electronically HERE.

How you can help the project:

  1. Let family or tenants know about the upcoming improvements.
  2. Provide safe access to the water meter.  This is more clearly described in City Ordinance 86-31 and Section 8.4 of the City Council Policy Manual.
  3. Clear any obstructions from the water meter area.
  4. Secure any pets while the city staff is present.