The Downtown Development Authority is charged with maintaining property values and increasing property tax valuation throughout the 28th St SW corridor between Byron Center Ave and Clyde Park. These objectives can be achieved through infrastructure investment, property maintenance, marketing, events, and other activities.


The Downtown Development Authority is the governing body of the Wyoming Downtown Development District, and as such it has the power to authorize the levy and collection of taxes, the acquisition and disposal of interest in real and personal property, the creation and implement of development plans in the District, the promotion of economic growth, the issuance of bonds and other evidences of indebtedness, and the use of tax increment financing, and other such powers as provided under Public Act 197.

Annual Budget



  • The DDA's annual audits are performed in conjunction with the City's comprehensive financial practices. A full list of financial reports can be found here


  • The DDA Board approves its budget on an annual basis. For the last few years, funding efforts have focused on maintenance and beautification of the streetscape initiatives that have been completed in the past. No major projects have been undertaken in the last few years in order to allow for the market to shape some of the larger parcels that require redevelopment. The DDA is currently holding and growing its fund balance for future opportunities that may arise related to land acquisition, incentive programs, or other public improvements.

Development and Tax Increment Financing Plan

  • The DDA's Development and Tax Increment Financing Plan was initially approved in 1999 by the Wyoming City Council. It was restated by the DDA Board and City Council in 2009, and later amended in 2013.  A pdf of the plan can be found here.

2020 Meeting Minutes can be found here.  

Annual Synopsis of Activities

  • Sponsorship for the 28th Street Metro Cruise
  • Wyoming Gives Back holiday event
  • Landscape and infrastructure maintenance along the corridor

List of Accomplishments

  • Installation and maintenance of various streetscape elements along the corridor
  • Annual sponsorship of events such as the 28th Street Metro Cruise and Wyoming Gives Back
  • Development of 28 West Place Street, an inner ring road connecting 28th Street and Michael Avenue
  • Collaboration with property owners, developers and others along the corridor

Current Contracts

  • Heyboer Landscaping - contract to maintain mowing, sprinkling and landscaping needs in the DDA.

DDA Board Members

  • Jeff Baker, Car City
  • Steven Harkema, Fruit Basket Flowerland
  • Daniel Lynema, Pfeffers
  • Jaylyn McCloy, Hom Flats
  • Jack Poll, Mayor, City of Wyoming
  • Lillian Vanderveen, resident
  • Jennie VanHorn, Meineke

Contact Information


Nicole Hofert

Director of Community and Economic Development

Community and Economic Development
1155 28th Street SW
Wyoming, MI 49509

Phone: 616-530-7285
Email:  Community and Economic Development

Monday - Thursday 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM