Election Commission


To provide for the printing of ballots and furnishing of election supplies to all the precincts which might be required to conduct City elections; to appoint the inspectors of election, and to establish such counting boards and certifying boards as may be necessary; and to review the election processes for compliance with state laws and local ordinances. The Election Commission conducts a public accuracy test of the election equipment and software program to be used for every election.


To authorize the printing of ballots, consolidate precincts as permitted by State 
election law, and to appoint boards of election inspectors.


To ensure that elections are being conducted according to law. This implies that the members become familiar with applicable laws, rules and procedures of the Clerk’s Office as they relate to elections.

Meeting Dates

As needed prior to each election.

Meeting Time

At the convenience of the members.

Meeting Place

City Hall, 1155 - 28th Street SW, Wyoming, MI  49509


The City Clerk, the City Attorney and an appointed citizen member.


City Council


Two year term, beginning July 1.  (The Clerk and Attorney serve while in office.)



Staff Liaison Department

City Clerk’s Office  616-530-7296