Housing Choice Voucher Briefing (Section 8)


If you have received an invitation letter; please follow the instructions provided in that letter.

PLEASE NOTE: This page is only for applicants that have been instructed to complete a HCV Briefing for the Wyoming Housing Commission (WHC).  Any documents submitted to the WHC by individuals not in the eligibilty process or not requested to do so will not be acknowledged.


1) Per your invitation letter, please view this short video before going forward.


2) The following powerpoint is required to view; this will expand on points mentioned in the video above.


3) Virtual Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Packet/Information

-This packet includes documents and booklets that the WHC is mandated to make available to applicants in the eligibilty process.  You will be required to sign off that you have viewed and been given access to a copy of these documents.


Protect Your Family from Lead Booklet (you must sign off that you have reviewed this booklet on the form below)


4) Forms to be returned to the Wyoming Housing Commission:  

-Your invitation letter will inform you of your deadline to return the forms below.  Failing to meet the deadline will result in removal from the waitlist and your opporuntity to receive a voucher.