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Property Maintenance

The intent of this code is to protect the public health, safety and welfare relative to existing structures. It prescribes minimum standards for sanitation, maintenance, equipment, light, space, ventilation and heating, as well as conditions of upkeep for exterior premises.

How to File a Complaint

To file a complaint, call or visit the Building Inspections Department or complete our comments and questions form. Please provide a brief description of the complaint and the address of the property for the complaint. An inspector will be assigned to investigate. If the alleged violation is valid, a notice is sent to the property owner(s) requesting compliance within a reasonable time frame.

Often the property owner is not aware that a code violation exists and once notified and supplied with code text will voluntarily remedy the complaint. Most citizens are interested in maintaining a quality environment in which to live, work and shop. If a violation continues, the City can issue civil infraction tickets and/or remove the violation at cost plus 100% for cleanup or cost plus 50% for demolition. The costs are assessed against the property owner and are recovered through a tax lien if necessary.

Rental Inspections

The City has implemented the Rental Inspection Program to ensure that the maintenance of all residential rental buildings meet minimum code standards. The City's adopted Property Maintenance Code defines the standards at which property owners shall maintain their rental properties.

The Rental Inspection Program requires that all rental units undergo inspections every two years. If properties have less than 21 units, all of the apartments are inspected. If a property has more than 20 units, the City inspects 10% (but not less than 10) of the units in such properties. The City may inspect additional dwelling units if inspectors find violations in a certain percentage of dwelling units. If inspectors find violations in the units or in the common property areas, the owner receives a notice of repair with a reasonable time limit to repair them.

Weed Control

The City code defines weeds as vegetation, such as common weeds and grass, exceeding 12" in height. Weed complaints may be called in to the Building Inspections Department. The complaint address must be known.

Noise and Air Quality

The City Code addresses noise and air quality environmental concerns through ordinances specific to these technical areas. Specialists in the respective fields are contracted on an as-needed basis for investigation of alleged violations.