Gypsy Moths

Additional information regarding gypsy moths is also available from the Kent County Conservation District at 616-942-4111, ext. 4.

2019 Gypsy Moth Spray

The City of Wyoming is partnering with Hamilton Helicopters, Inc. to perform gypsy moth treatments in mid-May to early June. The exact dates and times of the treatments will be determined by weather, including rain and wind conditions. Additional details regarding the treatments will be announced on the City of Wyoming - City Hall page on Facebook and on Twitter. Treatment locations are indicated on the map.  A searchable map is available at:

On treatment days our contractor, Hamilton Helicopter, will apply the spray in a very fine mist for maximum coverage of leaves.  The aircraft will apply 1 quart of the Bt material over each acre.  This will result in an effective spray that will be very difficult to see or feel as it is being applied.  After 4-6 hours, the material will be dried on the leaves and rain will have little effect in washing off the material.  Spraying will be done when average wind speed is less than 10 miles per hour and relative humidity is more than 50-percent.  In most cases, these constraints will limit spraying to a morning activity, but spraying will continue until complete or conditions no longer allow for an effective application. A location near 36th and Buchanan will be used for takeoff and landing.

Gypsy Moths Suppression Program

Residents and property owners can use several techniques to help suppress this pest. Below are several articles that may be useful in understanding the gypsy moth, its treatment, and the techniques you as residents and property owners can use to minimize this pest on your property. 

Questions regarding the City of Wyoming Gypsy Moth Suppression Program can be directed to the City Clerk's Office at 616-530-7296.

Report Gypsy Moths

Please use this form to report gypsy moths in your home or neighborhood, or to inquire as to the status of Gypsy moth suppression efforts.

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