Gypsy Moths

Additional information regarding gypsy moths is available from the Kent County Conservation District at 616-942-4111 ext. 100.

2016 Gypsy Moth Spray

The City of Wyoming is partnering with Hamilton Helicopters, Inc. to perform a gypsy moth spray treatment for one day between mid-May and early June. The exact date of the spray will be determined by weather, including rain and wind conditions. The date of the spray will be announced on the City of Wyoming - City Hall page on Facebook and on Twitter. Treatment locations are indicated on the map.

Gypsy Moths Suppression Program

Residents and property owners can utilize several techniques to aid in the suppression of this pest. Below are several articles that may be useful in understanding the gypsy moth, its treatment and techniques you, as residents and property owners, can use to minimize this pest on your property. 

Questions regarding the City of Wyoming Gypsy moth Suppression Program can be directed to Kelli VandenBerg at 616-530-7296.

Report Gypsy Moths

The City of Wyoming is surveying neighborhoods for the presence of gypsy moths and their larva. Formal gypsy moth assessments take place in the fall to determine if the following spring will provide the best opportunity for treatment.

Please use this form to report gypsy moths in your home or neighborhood, or to inquire as to the status of Gypsy moth suppression efforts.

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