Our Approach

What We Do

We are working to improve the lives of youth and their families in our community. TEAM 21’s mission is to foster academic, social, and emotional growth among students through mentorship and activities, working together with the schools where programming takes place.


TEAM 21 is a multi-faceted program that strives to provide enrichment and meet the dynamic needs of the students we serve. The program aims to expose our students to new experiences, broadening their horizons and allowing them to develop and cultivate new interests in many areas, including the following:

Academic Enrichment

Arts of All Kinds

Career Readiness

Community Service

Family and Community Events

Health and Wellness

Sports & Fitness 



Our staff, who come from a variety of backgrounds and have varying interests, are united by a single mission: to make a positive impact on youth in our community, serving as mentors and caring, consistent adults ready to make a difference in the lives of our students.

To ensure that each student has a high-quality experience in the program, TEAM 21 works to maintain staffing levels of 1 staff member for every 12 students. Staff participate in many on-going professional development trainings, from classroom management techniques and large group management trainings to content area trainings. Our staff participate in a minimum of 16 hours of on-going training each year.

Additionally, TEAM 21 staff undergo a rigorous state and federal background check process prior to their employment.