City of Wyoming Voters Approve Funding for Public Safety

Posted on Wednesday, May 03, 2023 | News & Announcements

Wyoming, Michigan, May 2, 2023 – City of Wyoming voters Tuesday approved a dedicated ballot proposal that will provide funding for critical public safety needs for five years.

The ballot proposal – a millage rate increase – will generate an additional $4 million in revenue each year, supporting significant investment to improve public safety for residents, businesses and visitors. The vote passed by 64%.

“We are pleased Wyoming voters recognized the critical needs we have around public safety by approving this ballot proposal,” Mayor Kent Vanderwood said. “We will ensure this millage provides dedicated funding to support additional staff, four fully operational fire stations and quicker response times.”

The funding generated by the millage increase will allow the Wyoming Department of Public Safety to fund 27 public safety positions, open all four fire stations in the City - significantly improving public safety by decreasing response times, enhancing crime prevention efforts and enhancing traffic safety.

“Safety is at the core of the City’s mission, and the public safety millage allows us to increase funding for critical public safety needs and programs to keep our community safe,” said Department of Public Safety Director Kim Koster. “We look forward to working with the entire community to ensure Wyoming remains safe and welcoming.”

Currently, the Department of Public Safety relies heavily on mutual aid from surrounding communities – receiving support from other agencies frequently. The City has 1.2 police officers per 1,000 people, which continues to fall below the national average of 2.4 and decreases response times to critical incidents.

“The City of Wyoming has spent years taking significant steps to address state funding shortfalls, higher costs and economic downturns,” Interim City Manager John McCarter said. “We appreciate the trust voters have in us and their partnership in providing funding for the public safety department.”

Under the millage increase, property owners will see an increase of 1.5 mills on their tax bills beginning summer 2023.

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