Wyoming Plants Trees near Right of Ways of Three Local Parks

Posted on Thursday, November 05, 2020 | Press & Media

Consumers Energy’s Tree Planting Grant Program Helps Fund Twelve New Trees. 

The City of Wyoming planted twelve trees throughout three neighborhood parks as a part of an ongoing effort to enhance Wyoming parks. The tree plantings were supported by funding from the 2020 Community Street and Boulevard Tree Planting Grant Program sponsored by Consumer’s Energy. The program’s purpose is to help local communities select appropriate species and locations for tree projects. The City of Wyoming was awarded $1,200 towards the planting of twelve new trees, a total investment of over $4,000, with matching funds provided by the city’s dedicated Parks and Recreation Operational Millage.

“Trees provide a real value to the City of Wyoming and its residents,” says Director of Community Services Rebecca Rynbrandt. “They reduce stormwater runoff naturally, easing the burden on expensive stormwater infrastructure. They cool our parks, homes, and buildings through the shade they provide, effectively reducing energy costs. Through photosynthesis, they filter pollution out of the air and produce the oxygen we all rely on.”

All the trees planted are native to the state of Michigan, including black gum, sugar maple, and red maple varieties. Southlawn Park received two black gum and two red maple trees, Prairie Park received three red maples, and Marquette Park received four red maples and one sugar maple. The tree plantings all occurred near the street frontages.

“We are thankful for partnerships with organizations like Consumer’s Energy who are committed to investing in local communities to make them better,” says Mayor Jack Poll.

The City of Wyoming is a Tree City USA community, as designated by the Arbor Day Foundation in 2017.

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