City Releases Recruitment Video

Posted on Tuesday, January 07, 2020 | Press & Media, News & Announcements

The City of Wyoming recently released a recruitment video as it seeks to hire the next generation of public service employees. The video highlights aspects of the City that are hard to capture in job descriptions. Among these are workplace culture, benefits, and mission.

With a local unemployment rate of less than 3%, the City is finding new ways to attract highly qualified candidates to fill open positions. The use of social media, video and other online tools is an important part of the strategy. Developing a video that provides insight into the culture and feel of the organization is one way the Human Resources department hopes to connect with potential applicants.

“We are looking to attract and grow a new generation of leaders here in Wyoming and it’s important that we find the best candidates amidst the tight job market,” says Kim Oostindie, director of Human Resources for Wyoming. “Our teammates enjoy their work, their colleagues, and their mission, and we wanted to be able to articulate this to job-seekers.”

The City currently employs 350 full-time employees. Full, part-time and seasonal positions are regularly available and can be found online at 

Posted in: Press & Media, News & Announcements