Water Sampling Program


If you received an invitation postcard you can sign up to participate:

  • Select an appointment time using the Water Sampling Sign Up
  • Contact Jaime Fleming by phone at 616.261.3572
  • Connect by email
On the day of your appointment, the water must be completely unused for at least 6 hours prior to sample collection.  This could be overnight or during the day while you are away from home.  We offer morning and late afternoon appointments.  You will receive a reminder of your appointment time and instructions.  
Please note: We cannot collect samples from homes with water softeners.

What is the Lead and Copper program and why your participation is it important?

The video below details what the Lead and Copper program is, and how your participation as a volunteer is vital to maintaining the overall health of the water distribution system in Wyoming.

The Lead and Copper Rule, or LCR, is a regulation that protects public health by limiting the amount of lead and copper allowed in public drinking water at the consumer's tap, as well as limiting the amount of pipe corrosion occurring due to the water itself. 

Most drinking water regulations requires us to collect samples at the treatment plant and at different points along the system that delivers water to those that use it. Because lead and copper in drinking water primarily comes from plumbing materials, tap water samples must be collected at faucets of certain homes.

This unique requirement means our success in complying with the rules is dependent upon us partnering with volunteers like you.