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The Wyoming Police Department recognizes that our greatest resources are those we serve and those that serve. To fulfill the mission, the Wyoming Police Department is dedicated to providing a quality work environment through committed leadership, supervision, career development, training, and discipline, consistent with our Vision, Values and Mission.

Our Vision 

We recognize the value of establishing and maintaining community partnerships. From our professional staff and sworn members, to the many citizen and business groups who assist us in the fulfillment of our mission, we remain committed to the further enhancement of these partnerships. We will continually strive to develop the skills of our members, and to efficiently and effectively manage our resources to deliver the highest level of police service to the Citizens of Wyoming.

Our Values


Our Mission

The DUTY of the Wyoming Police Department is to serve the people of our community with dignity, respect, fairness and compassion. We serve with COURAGE to protect life and property and maintain law and order. We will uphold the TRUST placed in us to safeguard constitutional guarantees and will do so with HONOR worthy of those who have served before us.

Police Headquarters

The Wyoming Police Department was built on 5 acres of woodlands, which were formerly a part of the Rogers Farm. Thanks to the generous support of the Rogers family, the City of Wyoming received land for Pinery Park, the Senior Center, Veterans Memorial Gardens and the Police facility. Aesthetically, the building's glass curtain front reflects the natural beauty of the park setting, while respecting the serenity of the adjacent Veteran's Memorial Gardens. Its comfortable appearance and natural landscape serves to enhance the character of the surrounding neighborhoods.

The facility covers 54,000 square feet on two levels and includes patrol, investigation and administrative offices, cross-training fitness center, ergonomic office environment, training room able to accommodate 110 personnel and enhanced forensic facilities and systems.

Police Department

Annual Report

Each year the Wyoming Police Department prepares an annual report of crime statistics for the City of Wyoming, the Michigan Incident Crime Reporting (MICR) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation Uniform Crime Report (UCR). This data is compiled from offenses reported to the WYPD, monthly police reports and individual crime incident reports.

The primary objective of this annual report is to provide a reliable set of criminal justice statistics for police administration, operation, and management. The localized study of crime data enables personnel to assess the influence of crime on districts, neighborhoods, and people. Similarly, crime statistics permit analysis among neighboring jurisdictions, and with those of similar populations and other characteristics. A broad examination of the crime data allows individuals to view the nature and movement of crime, underlying changes, and fluctuations throughout the City of Wyoming, the State of Michigan, and the United States.

Department History

Established in 1848, a four-man constabulary, elected each April, maintained law and order in Wyoming Township until December 12, 1941.

1940’s – The Early Years

The Wyoming Township Police Department was founded December 12, 1941. The Department was staffed with three full-time police officers. The three officers were constables at the time of the organization of the Police Department, and were affectionately known as the "Wyoming Cowboys."

The 15’ x 15’ Police Department was stationed within the Township Hall that was located at Burton and Godfrey. During that year, the constables protected 25,000 residents, and responded to 603 calls for service.

During the mid 1940’s the Police Department then moved into office space at 1263 Burton, the current location of the Koeze Retail Store.  In November of 1948 the Township Offices were moved from Burton Street to the Beltline (the present location of City Hall).  The Police Department occupied an office within the Township Hall.

Wyoming Police Early Years Wyoming Police Early Years Police Headquarters

1950’s – Headquarters is Relocated

In 1952, the Police Department moved out of the Township Offices and into a Public Works garage, which was adjacent to and north of the Township Offices. The Police Department occupied one bay of a four bay garage.

January 1, 1959, Wyoming Township became a City. Consequently, the Wyoming Township Police Department of seventeen sworn officers became the City of Wyoming Police Department.

1960’s – As the City Grows, the Department Grows

In 1960, John Vander Band was the Chief of Police.  There were twenty-seven sworn officers, two civilian clerks, and eight police reserves. There were a total of nine police vehicles; five of those were marked, three were unmarked and one was used as a radar unit.  During 1960, 3,199 reports were taken, officers responded to 918 accidents, and 699 crimes were reported.

Police Department Growth More Growth

1970’s – The Growth Continues

By the mid 1970’s the department had grown to seventy-six sworn police officers who responded to 8,333 calls for service. The total population of Wyoming reached 56,560.  The Police Department moved in January of 1976 to the new headquarters built at 2650 DeHoop Avenue. The Police-Justice Building housed the District Court on the first floor and the Police Department on the second level. An open house was held after the formal dedication ceremonies on April 23, 1976.

1980’s – Computers are Welcomed

After years of planning, the computerization of the Police Department became a reality. The department converted to Computer Aided Dispatch, computer-enhanced 9-1-1 services and computer generated reports. This enabled the prompt entry and retrieval of information about a crime, or area, even about individuals or property involved in the crime. Access to automated information by any police division made the computer a welcome asset.

1990’s – Pistol Team Wins Governor’s Trophy

The Wyoming Police Department Pistol Team won the Governor’s Trophy in 1994. They took first place for the fifth time competing with several hundred Officers from numerous departments throughout the State of Michigan. Also in 1994, Chief Lowell E. Henline bids farewell as he retires after a twenty-two year tenure as Chief of Police.

Police Win Trophy Police Department

2000’s – Serving a Large Community

The Police Memorial Wall was dedicated in October, 2001 to show the heartfelt respect and appreciation for deceased career service personnel who gave so much to make Wyoming the great City that it has become. In 2013, Police Officers responded to 40,958 calls for service from a department with 83 sworn officers, 14 civilian staff and 30 senior volunteers, serving approximately 72,000 residents. In 2014, the Wyoming Police department and the Wyoming Fire department joined forces to become the Wyoming Department of Public Safety to better serve the community.

Contact Information

Kimberly Koster
Public Safety Chief 


Kip Snyder
Deputy Public Safety Chief


Administration/Chief’s Office
2300 DeHoop Avenue SW
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Investigative Services
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Patrol Services
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Records Unit
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Forensic Science Unit
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EMERGENCIES – Contact 911
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