Memorial Bricks

Memorial Brick Order Form

  • Bricks are limited to 3 lines total
  • Bricks are limited to 18 characters per line including spaces.
  • Orders take 6 to 8 weeks for the brick to be completed/shipped.
  • To have your brick placed for Memorial Day, orders must be received by April 1st.
  • To have your brick placed for Veterans Day, orders must be received by September 1st.
  • Fields in red are required!

Please Note:
Neither The City of Wyoming or the engraving company will correct, change, or otherwise modify your entries. Once this form is submitted, the text you entered will be engraved on your brick as you entered it

If you want your conflict spelled out (World War II) do not enter WWII.
If you want your conflict abbreviated (WWII) do not enter World War II.

Be sure that the rank, name, branch of service, war/conflict or dates are entered as you expect to see them. If there is an error or omission on your part, you will be responsible for cost of the correction.

I. Soldier's Information

I certify that to the best of my knowledge the above listed veteran served honorably during Wartime, Peacetime or Both within the branch of service, war, conflict, period and/or years of service indicated above. I understand that this will ensure that one brick inscribed with the above information will be placed in the “Walk of Honor”.

II. Purchaser's Information

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Email Address allows us to:  Email receipts, class updates/cancellations, registration forms, and promotional materials. It will not be distributed or published in any way.

III. Payment

I authorize payment of $40.00 to the Wyoming Parks & Recreation Department
for the purchase of my memorial brick.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, or Diner's Club Cards Only!

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