A permit is not required; however the following zoning code 90-312 text is applicable:

All fences, walls and other protective barriers, referred to in this section as "fences," shall conform to the following regulations:

(1) The erection, construction or alteration of any fence shall be approved by the building inspector for compliance with the provisions of this chapter. The finished side of a fence shall face outward toward abutting lots and rights-of-way.

(2) No fence shall hereafter be erected in any required yard space in excess of six feet in height above the grade of the surrounding land.

(3) No fence located in the required front yard, or within the first ten feet of the required secondary front yard in residential districts, shall exceed 36 inches in height above the ground level.

(4) All fences shall be of an ornamental nature. Spikes, nails or any sharp instruments of any kind are prohibited on top of or on the sides of any fence, except that barbed wire is allowed on the top of fences in industrial zones.

Fence Guidelines

Fence Guidelines For Corner Lots